Tuborg Night 2017

This July Senary won the Tuborg Talent music contest and as a prize performed his live show in front of thousands of visitors at the Tuborg Night annual festival in Minsk.

For those who missed this event or wants to refresh the show in memory here is the full audio version available from SoundCloud:

The video of the final track performed on the show is also available from YouTube:

Remixes 2017

Wondering what is happening to Senary in the beginning of 2017? He is participating in various interesting remix contests and you can hear the outcome now:

“Ghosts” Live Performance in Cherdak Bar

“Ghosts” album was presented to the audience and performed live on 17th of July 2016 at Cherdak Bar, Minsk, Belarus.

You can get the impression on the event by watching this 15 mins clip:

[sz-ytvideo url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT29zA7AlHM” duration=”00:15:01″ description=”Senary – Ghosts Presentation (Live at Cherdak Bar)” schemaorg=y /]

The full audio mix down is available from SoundCloud:


Ghosts album is out today

“Ghosts”, the debut album of Belorussian electronic music producer, songwriter and musician Senary is out today.
The album is a mix of contemporary electronic dance music and light motives of its parent disco genre. The non-typical song structure which is common to rock compositions gives the listener a solid storytelling experience. Modern synthesized sounds coincide with the classic strings, brass section and vocal parts within the compositions unveiling the fight between modern and classic.

Check out “Ghosts” album at Music page.

Senary - Ghosts